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  Since 2008 Alert K-9 has donated a total of 24 Single and Dual Purpose K-9’s to Police Departments all over the United States. We understand the importance of having a K-9 Unit and it is our belief that every single Law Enforcement Agency should have a K-9 Team. The cost to purchase a K-9 can be very high and with budget cuts many agencies are cutting out these exceptionally trained animals that help get Drugs off the streets our children grow up on. Since we started this program we have received several emails and phone calls from various Law Enforcement Agencies all over the United States. These agencies are in need of a K-9 but do not have the funding available due to budget cuts. We at Alert K-9 wish to donate K-9’s to every Law Enforcement Agency that is in need. However, it is not possible all the time. The cost of the dog and the training involved is impossible for us to fund.  

We will continue to train 2-3 K9’s per year and donate them.  

If you are interested in helping you could sponsor a Law Enforcement Agency in need. We would certainly work with you and also put you in touch with Law Enforcement Agencies in need. That would be a good way to get more of these wonderful dogs on the road to get drugs off the streets.

We are also looking for dogs that you would like to donate. If the dog works out we will fully train it and donate it to a Department. You will also know where the dog will end up.

If you are a Department in need of a K-9 but do not have funding available please do not hesitate to contact us. We will try our best to help you out.